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Daily Blog (7.9.2011) Another work story
Written at Wednesday, September 7, 2011 | back to top

So yet another day
My grandma was admitted to Tan Tock Seng
It was to be as she kept vomitting and nothing comes in
She needs some form of nutrition some how
I thought she would be better
Maybe her pain trigger some kind of side effect
So far not much pain for her
just her vomitting

I have another story this time
this time also from the 7-11 store
This time is about two of the staff there
everytime in her case
there will be shortage
Also whenever i want to take over her shift
She would have money place all over the counter
and she got caught before for taking some food
Yet she manage to stay for this work for like 6 mths plus
Basically this store has a lack of manpower and there is a need of people
Without her, then people will need to work 12 hours shift instead of the normal 8 hours shift
Of course that would be at a big disadvantage for the manager
And again there is another which happen to work everytime at night
Okae lets name them shorty and tall
The short is the one who always get shortage
the the tall always work at night
Oh okae so Tall has just started work for like only 3 months till now
Since her introduction
another problem occurs
this time is the shift problem
As you know the shorty usualy work at swing which is afternoon
then the Tall will work at night
then the shorty will work with the Tall
For free
yup she will stay with Tall for company
and then if the next day her afternoon shift she suppose to take over, she won’t go
See how selfish is she
Then when we did ask her why
She just avoid the question
And so what happen to those two now?
Well the shorty was fired because they was just too many shortage eventually
And they cannot let it be like that
as for the other one
She got caught for not only doing any work
her daugher took the role for the cashier for her
underage and also not an emplorer
So there you have it

Today is btw my mom birthday
She very old already ar
singapore age also
So Happy birthday Mom

Goodays To You All

What makes you special is that your short. well most girls are short


Daily Blog (6.9.2011) Stories of Stories
Written at Tuesday, September 6, 2011 | back to top

Sorry for the late post
As you all do know
Or if you just started to read this post
previously I did post that my grandma is sick
Oh okae so that is true and good thing she is still at home
not hospitalised but still sick
Today she still vomit at times which is maybe due to her empty stomach
So I had to cancel my two tuition today
As I have to send this two nephews off to my grandma house
and I wont have time to meet my grandma also if I were to go to the tuition which is more of this
If i were to go for tuition
2-330pm for the Bukit Merah
Then 5-7pm for the Bukit Batok
so I would have reach around 8pm at my grandma house by then
But that if the bus is on time
So that would be assume i reach around 830 the most
So i would stay until 930 only
Since I have to be at work at 1045
So if I were to do this
I won’t be able to rest for a while neither bath
And the last time I did this
I got rashes
And I got sick
So best I avoid this kind of situation
So yeah I choose to cancel the two and make new arrangement with them

As we all do have work before
It doesn’t have to be like work in office kind of job
work can be like volunteering, doing surveys, cashiers
those are work
your doing work
So yeah we all have man stories about it
I do have many just by one work
Which is as an sales assistant in 7-11
To mind that this 7-11 store that I work is the small version
So during the night time it is usually with one person mending it
And most cases
Throughout the 3 shifts
So yeah it is a very tiring job
Day, Afternoon,evening shift
I know that evening shift can be a relax shift
it is true to a certain extent
Maybe some of you guys didnt know that the night shift have to do most of the restocking
This is one of the most tiring part of the job
Cause of why?
Cause your only doing it
And plus you have to sometimes rush to the counter do your cashier duties plus you have to make sure that there is no suspicious people
Okae this is just the boring part of my jobs
Do the stock
Do the cashier
Do the Newspaper
Do the check temperature list
Do the expiry date check
Do the checking of cigarette
Do the service items
This is BORING stuffs
Interesting stuffs
Stuffs that happen randomly

Okae so we start with one case about
No Alcohol Drinks allowed to be bought from 1am to 6am

This is like the most simple rule
Cannot buy
face the fact
Well there is as usual customers who would like to bargain
One of them argue that it is like only 5 mins
That is a valid point
But as a good fellow worker I decline
By right I can allow if the customer goes out of control
I do know that if this happen
Yeah I OWE this 7-11
Cannot buy, Cannot buy la
There is like so many others drinks to buy
Red Bull, you drink, you become Red Hulk
100 plus, you drink got $0+$100 hell money
Sprite, you drink you get sprited by drink
Naughty-G, you drink you become naughty……to Goats, Guava, Gays
But the best is of course
yeah so its so much better can cheaper
And it has no caffeine
They should put that as Healthy Choice

So what are some of the situations that the customer will do if not able to buy which is first
They will go come la give chance
Reject Like a Boss
They will go give you this wtf face
Reject Like a Boss
They will say buy now, scan later
Reject Like a Boss
They will scold you
Reject and Smile…..Like a Boss

So yeah that what it is like to be a sales assitant
So today I had an accounter
Not about alcohol
but about stealing
oh yeah this one happen right in front of my very eyes
what happen was that previously they was a customer who wants to buy a phone as his phone did a olympic dive to a pail
Fill with water
So since the phone did a 10 point and won gold medal
He had to buy a new phone
all he wanted was a cheap, you call me, i call you.
So he did and he did ask me to change the language setting of another phone. So yeah by now you would be thinking that this guy, more like uncle is quite suspicions
Then another customer who previous came to buy alcohol and got rejected came back to buy cigarette. When I told him that the total cost of 20.40, he try use NETS. it got declined so he go see his wallet
He seems to me that he doesn’t have enough
Okae so the phone uncle went out to answer a call
(Take note the phone he is currently using is a touch phone which he doesn’t like so thats why he bought a new phone which is we can say NS phone and cheap and that phone happen to be in malay which was due to his co-worker using it previously as he needed it….yeah…) 
So the 2nd uncle went to fiddle around his wallet
look blur
then suddenly after the phone uncle left the store to answer
he gave me the cash
left without taking his change
and took the plastic which contain the phone uncle’s phone which he left it
Before I would react, the phone uncle sounded to him
He said sorry and told him no need to shout
And yeah nothing happen after that just that the phone uncle warn me of those type of people who will act they drunk and have the mind to steal
So yeah thats my story
And thats all for this post
You guys have any interesting stories to tell?
work-related matters?
Do leave at the tagboard, follow me on twitter @abdulshyukur

Goodays To You All

People may think that we go out everytime, when they didnt know that we only go out once or twice a month only


Daily Blog (5.9.2011) Many things, Many Desires
Written at Monday, September 5, 2011 | back to top

Yesterday night my grandma was in pain
She had to go to the hospital as she could not endure the pain anymore
Take note that I put the word anymore
She had suffer the much softer pain during the past few years
Since I was young back then
She has always been the active hardworking grandma
Never once would she not stop to make breakfast
Not once has she stop visiting the wet market
It makes me proud that her
Currently now she is not in pain and was not admitted
After taking morphine to relieved her pain
now she is back at my auntie house recovering
I hope the best for her recovery


Okae so next would be the start of the day which is
I woke up thinking that my short pretty gf was having a mood swing with me, which keep me in deep thought of why would she be angry
Or the best is that she still sleeping
So yeah being the boss I called her
no response
So again like a boss
i slept back
10 minutes later
i woke up to called her
i was expecting the time to be like 1 hr later but woah I woke up somehow
Again she didn’t pickup
Worried i called two times
Again never pickup
Maybe she forgot how to on the phone
then how can the phone ring?
Must be on
called again
and this time she answered
And her reason was that she went to the market without her phone
maybe she scared that someone will steal her phone
yes that must be the main reason
or maybe
Her phone is a transformer
Or maybe she forgetful

Oh okae so we went to school to get her stuffs settle
And yeah sad to know that she had her salary
So she in pain
Oh her to drink some
h-two and panadol
Got better
went to McDonald to get the SUPER SAVER MEAL
well more like lunch time saver meal
got this lesbian couple
(Well actual they are mother and sister from Wanni point of view)
Keep staring at us
So we as usually
like a boss
Eat our meal
like whats their problem

Went back home by train to j.e
Then went to explore the j.e side
It was interesting that there is a lot of stuffs here
But no perfume
so still j.e sux

So went home by 66
Then went for tuition
my tutee classmates went to visit his house
all girls
so he didnt even bother to enterain them
Even when I give the green light to talk to them
Well since it is like that
i tease that his so called gf is there
(I assume he has a crush on one of them)

Then me and danish went to get some new 5 plug socket and new light
It is just a beginning stage of me making my bed a working area
Even though they say it is bad to do that as a bed is meant for sleeping
But i need to make full use of the limited space i have here

Thats all for today
Tmr I have two tuition and work at night
so yeah wish me good luck

Goodays To You All

It is good to have your smell


Daily Blog ( 4.9.2011) Another two more weeks to go
Written at Sunday, September 4, 2011 | back to top

So I waited
and waited and
I just found out that
I would only be receiving my scholarship
this coming mid of the month
And that is kinda suuuux
Since I expected it to be in by 1 month
But as usually RP like to delay their stuffs
even thought they have this 11:59pm system
So why aren’t you following it when you emend this?
So yeah I assume that I won’t be getting this like around two weeks time
i do not like to put my expectation too high
As it would sux yet again to know it won’t be coming for another week
And I only get to know this by checking my mails
Yes finally I delete my emails
It is like we have to do this at a daily basic or not out mails would be flooded with emails that dun concern you cause you don’t give a damn about going for talk or whether the school has won a competition

Anyway today is nothing much but just trying to sort my laptop
As i assume that this laptop would then be needed to be pass down
to my little sis since she need it
But to do that I have to buy a new laptop
And that is when I need that MONEY
oh well nvm that
Looks like my plans would have to be postpone
Cause i need it

So thats all for today
Sorry I have to make this brief
Cause I am wearing breif shorts
Oh no I dont wear shorts
Only when I am running

Goodays To You All

Tomorrow the Day you wear your smart specs


Daily Blog (3.9.2011) Not a busy day
Written at Saturday, September 3, 2011 | back to top

Oh okae so today
i woke up at 4pm
Like WHAT?
So late and I was planning to wake up normal timing
Looks like I have to do something about it
I do not know why my body clock is so mess up
Usually I would be able to wake up
At the time that I want which is amazing
especially when I cannot wake up to normal alarms
I happen to be sound-proof when I’m asleep
Which is what I call talent in the making

So nothing much about today
Just one family visited my house today
Today is much a relaxed day
nothing to do, but something to wonder
Like right now I will have to schedule carefully
With Napfa confirm on the 10th
Raye outing on the 11th
Tuition now with two primary 6 students
All during the weekdays
as raye is on now
With FYP
And I have to start back to work
So this is more awesome
Need to get back to jogging
I really miss jogging
I can’t believe I quitted
It has been my life
I do love my team
just maybe faith wasn’t with me

Thats all for today

Goodays To You All

When your short, it makes me taller (Awesome)


Happy 14th Monthsary
Written at Friday, September 2, 2011 | back to top

I know you didnt expect this post
Cause I am of course full of kembang and kambing
They do sound the same
like how you act like a

your roll eye attitude really caught me of guard
And you want like queen like treament

Then I will be acting as cute as this
basically I am cute while i try to say this to you

I know you tend to
but this does happen when we rarely meet each other
So put this things aside
Your still a

Your will always be my Fany


Daily Blog (2.9.2011) FYP Bleargh
Written at | back to top

Oh why must the day come. I have yet to buy my stuffs and the start of FYP data collection commence. I sigh when my day started today. Like why must we start now. I know that if we dun start. We will never be able to reach the 300 survey quota. Even though we collected 30 surveys in two days, it has not been validated so the probability of it being valid would be around 90% cause now we follow the protocol and chances of it failing is way lower now. If that is the case around 27 surveys are being valid. Yeah that is still a long way to go which left us like only 273 surveys to collect. And if by my calculations, if we were to meet the quota, we need to collect at least 330. Well if thats is it then we will take like 22 days to hit the target. And we only go to the polyclinic for this month, 10 times the most we can say. And that will leave us with 150 surveys ONLY. So looks like it is so gonna be a nightmare for us. Lets take note that this is into account that we are able to get 15 surveys in average. Any lesser will just makes us work more survey days. So to my team, good luck and who knows. All we need is to clone ourselves.

Next would be as the my daily routine as per normal. Oh okae I had to wakeup at 530 to get ready. Cause I am not so sure as to whether I would be able to be ready on time and also be there on time. Time,time,time. Anyway back to i go bath and then go out at 645. Took the 852 at 700. Only to reach around 740. Talk about awesome timing. Went to Mcdonald to get the McValue Breakfast. Long time no see. I would really eat 10 of this Sausage McMuffin Eggs like how I eat doublecheeseburgers. After that met Dini at the Ang Mo Kio. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that I needed to go to Ang Mo Kio from Bukit Batok. If I took the Mrt, i would confirm reach around 800. As for the bus, awesome. Went to the Ang Mo Kio Polyclinic. It is like one of the smallest and busiest polyclinic evar. I mean it is like only one or two storeys I guess. I think it is more like one storey. Like a cheap hpuse which treat alot of poor people. Seriously why didnt they like upgrade? Bukit Batok did had that. Chua Chu Kang also did. And to tell you the truth, their previous designs were much bigger than the now Ang Mo Kio polyclinic.

So we start with the Survey Interview Hunt. Okae but before I go to that I would have to say that the pharmacist and pharma technician were very friendly. We were treated much better as compared to the ones at the Bukit Batok. Maybe it is because of the one –.- I can’t go into details cause she is just a –.-. Okae now back to the hunting. As usual i got rejected more than Dini got. Well i wonder which hurts the most, being rejected by your crush, or by your potential cilent? Oh well both sux anyway. There is of course more chinese speaking at this polyclinic which is a disadvantage to us. Since we can’t communicate with them, we have to kill them. Just joking there were no murders, just sad moments of not having able to get more surveys, especially when they are willing to do it.

During the lunch break, got to eat popeye. I must say it was a much better experience I had here than at the Changi Airport. I know it was years ago around like 2-3 years? I can’t remember. All I can say is that popeye is something like KFC but with a little different in menu. They add this strawberry jam as one of their sauce. Like put that with a butterbread. It is so flourly, i would swore that i was talking flour language. Get it flour language as in fowl language? YES? oh okae anf the went to the masjid which is suprisingly spacious and I thought my cousin was leading the prayers. Cause it sounds like him and he happened to lead at a different masjid before. Then I went back to the polyclinic to get my facial wash and stuffs. Got the alpconut something it is call. My face needs some nuke warfare against this new breed of volcanomon. So yeah basically i am having an outbreak. It happens. Cause I am young. Forever 21

So off to 852 back to Bukit batok
Did some cutting
And then off to tuition
And thats all for today
And yeah tomorrow I will be releasing the First edition of Random Topic
Things to take note is that
Lets Play will be delayed because of some video coding problems
So we may see it at the end of the month or Oct
Either way that is the end of my daily blog today

Goodays To You All


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